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My journey to become a healer started with a thought when I was just a young teenager having a panic attack on the bathroom floor. I felt like the floor was going to fall out from under me and that I had no control over my thoughts or feelings. It was at that moment that I developed a knowing that I was in this world to help others and that no matter how bad things got I would never give up.

At the age of 15 I started seeing a psychologist for traditional talk therapy and while it did provide some relief I eventually ended up in a psychiatrists office. At 17 I was put on an antidepressant. I took it for a few months until my symptoms got worse and then I had to start over with a different one. That one worked much better and I was on it until I was 31.  After leaving my first psychiatrist at 19 I ended up in another one’s office that my parents found for me. I told him that I understood that I needed the medication for the time being, but that the medicine was like a band-aid and I wanted to figure out how to fix my anxiety problem so that I would no longer need the medicine. He looked at me and said that “You will need to be on this medicine for the rest of your life” I said “No, I won’t” and I left and never saw him again. I knew that even though medicine can be necessary and very helpful at times it was not something I was willing to take for the rest of my life. It made me more tired, had side effects that I did not like, and although it helped relieve some of the anxiety it was still there and I was still having panic attacks. After that I finally found a great psychiatrist. He added an anti-anxiety medication to the anti-depressant that I was on and he was very specific about the dosage amounts. He was also open to alternative healing. After 12 years of seeing him it was he who suggested that it may be time for me to get off of the medication. I did so with his help and I did well for a while. But then I went through another very difficult period of anxiety and obsessive thinking. I was determined to get through it without going back on the medicine.

On my journey to get my thoughts and feelings under control without going back on medicine I was referred to a Hypnotherapist. I really didn’t know what a hypnotherapist was, but I was willing to try anything that wasn’t medicine. I went and had my first session and even though I was unsure I kept going back. Within a few months I had regained control over my life and I continued with that Hypnotherapist for 6 years. I was able to work on many of my issues and my whole life had shifted positively.

During the 14 years I was on antidepressants I was also searching for spiritual and alternative ways to deal with my issues. I discovered meditation that I have now been practicing for 20 years, Reiki that I have been doing for 19 years, Shamanic Practices that I have been using for 9 years, and Santeria that has been a part of my life for over 10 years. Growing up Catholic many of these things seemed foreign to me and even taboo, but they have all helped me. They are complimentary parts of my wholistic belief that everything is connected. I will never push my beliefs on anyone because we each feel differently and that is what makes life interesting.

My hypnotherapist suggested that Hypnotherapy may be something that I would be good at. I have been passionate about helping others since I became a big brother at the age of 2 and I have been teaching and helping others ever since. Circling back to that belief that I am here in this world to help others I decided to find a school and take some classes. I am now combining everything I have learned through my schooling with my own personal experience to create a unique approach hypnotherapy so that I may help others who are struggling in their lives. There is not one right path to self-improvement or a magic pill that can make everything all better.

I am a guide ready to help those in need to find the path that is right for them.

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